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Our Journal

A place where we share our thoughts, our impressions, our laughs and tears, our reviews, our passion….
We invite you to be part of it, share the posts, comment on it or just let them serve you for what you need them.
If you would like to share something with us, we always hear out what you have got to say. DON’T BE SHY, drop us an email and let’s talk!

10th March 2016

Our second GLOBE event is happening!

We feel very thrilled and humbled to welcome some amazing team riders to our second GLOBE X KOMSURF event which will take place next Thursday March 17 2016 between 18h and 20h at the Kommetjie Surf Shop. After our first event back in the beginning...

Jack Mantis
5th March 2016

Seven Eight Three

This is Kommetjie. A place where the frosty Atlantic laps at the toes of Africa. Where the cars make way for the skaters, and no amount of apples will keep the Cape Doctor at bay. Mother Nature lovingly carves out the swells, then rolls them...

17th February 2016

Liquid Local Art

Rawly passionate, unforgettable, distinct. These are opinions usually expressed while strolling through the Kommetjie Art Gallery , or heading back to the car after a Jeremy Loops concert. They aren't however, what you'd expect to cross your mind as you lift a beer to your...

11th February 2016

Titans of Mavericks 2016

When we think of Titans, our minds turn to the powerful deities of old. The fathers and mothers of the Greek gods, over twenty feet tall and each with the power to crush anyone who defied them, or so the legend goes. Now we wait in...

7th December 2015

Searching Sirocco

Cape Town is - without a single doubt - one of the most breath-taking places on the planet. Last night we were once again blown away by some incredibly arty and under-the-skin movies at the Wavescape Opening film festival on Clifton Beach. It was amazing!...

1st December 2015

Launch Party Globe X Komsurf

Join us at the Kommetjie Surf Shop, Unit 3 The Swan Lodge, in Kommetjie on the Main Road. Don't be shy and call if you would like to know more about our event: 021 783 4804 or email us info@kommetjiesurf.com ...