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Our Journal

A place where we share our thoughts, our impressions, our laughs and tears, our reviews, our passion….
We invite you to be part of it, share the posts, comment on it or just let them serve you for what you need them.
If you would like to share something with us, we always hear out what you have got to say. DON’T BE SHY, drop us an email and let’s talk!

7th May 2016

Cape Town Pro 2016 presented by Quiksilver

Travelling the capetonian coastline, it's difficult not to appreciate the variety of wedges, clean cut tubes and thick heavy slabs. Which could leave one wondering why the number of international events held in the Mothercity over the past six years hits a grand total of...

5th May 2016

Chris Brehem and the Art of Beauty

Beauty has many distinct forms, from the smile of a loved one, to the serenade of a favourite song. It is the malleable glue of society; the artwork of the natural world. An adrenaline junky will launch themselves into the darkest abyss for that one infinite...

27th April 2016

Freedom is a state of Mind

Who can tell you that you are free? Only another person, and perhaps that person's opinion seems more entitled due to their age , or the PHd after their initials. What we don't realise is there is no fixed equation for individual freedom, any definition...

21st April 2016


It is the unfortunate truth, people have become ignorant to the increasing levels of recyclable materials lying in waste dumps. The thought of recycling held firm, becoming a fashion trend, and then slowly faded away along with thrift shopping and Gangnam Style. When something...

Jordy Smith
7th April 2016

Is he back?

If the term 'proudly South African' no longer resonates with you, perhaps all you need is a scroll through the current rankings in the World Surfing League. As your gaze wanders through the listing of the top ten competitive surfers in the world, you will...

29th March 2016


It must be something in the water. Kommetjie kids seem to come into this world with shoulder length hair, salt encrusted brows and a distinct tan line just above the Adams apple. Komskom, a term you wouldn't find within the Oxford dictionary, or after you take...