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17th August 2018

The Plastic Nightmare

cheap prednisone 10mg Last night we had Dr Tony Butt give us a presentation at the Kommetjie Surf Shop on the PLASTIC NIGHTMARE. As a group of surfers and ocean lovers this is an issue very close to our hearts, which led to some passionate debate after the...

1st August 2018

In Nature at her Finest

So far we've given you a taste of some of the characters featured in Satori. Here is a clip that gives you sense of the look and feel of the film. We've had an incredible winter until now and Rick has captured some amazing footage, here...

9th April 2018

Unoccupied Niches

Satori is a film that follows the lives of a group of big wave surfers in Cape Town, South Africa. Their passion is riding the huge waves of the South Peninsula at two surf breaks the infamous Dungeons below the Sentinel mountain and Sunset Reef...

14th February 2018

Mindfulness equals Happiness

"To Love is to recognize Yourself in Another." by Eckhardt Tolle Movie credit: Title "Into Bliss" A Short film by Pierre David & Douglas Guillot, featuring Jordan Rodin Music by Talk Talk, The Rainbow, Album Spirit Of Eden Music by The War On Drugs, Red eyes, Album Lost In the...

29th January 2018

Bromdog’s Risky Ripples Episonde 3 has just blown our minds

Matt "Bromdog" Bromley has done it once again! I have still goose bumps on my skin after watching the third and final episode of "Risky Ripples". Discover for yourself the magic of chasing swells and feel the thrill and the passion that comes with surfing...

9th December 2016

Risky Business

We would like to share with you Matt Bromley's latest movie "Risky Business" which takes you on a little journey into the thrill of Big Wave Surfing all around the world. Matt was born and bred in Kommetjie a place where the silence is interrupted...